2022-09-01T16:34:05-07:00August 25th, 2016|Musings on life|

The end of the world

Yesterday the sea turned green,
a plastic sunny colour
like costume jewelry
and the crayon kids use
for grass.

Even from space,
you can see the bright smudge
around us.

Maybe God was feeling impulsive,
an idea to redecorate
the whole thing
but then did a test swatch
and reconsidered.

Or maybe it is an algae bloom
like the scientists said
in the newspaper today

acidification of the ocean

which makes me think
maybe the end of the world
will be like this.

The mountains will sink
and the sky will turn yellow
but the children will still need supper

and like last night,
we will swim in the sea
one last time,
holding hands
and jumping over
the funny-coloured waves

and later we’ll all fall asleep
in one bed
like we always do

and I will wonder
with unexpected calm
at the simple miracle
of their soft limbs
and the rhythm
of my loyal breath.

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