2016-08-26T09:59:54-07:00August 26th, 2016|Nature|


My kids call him Henry
the little sapling
that stands a foot high
on our forest path

he is mostly stick
with a few green wisps
of hope

and even though they measured him
this year and last
they don’t seem to notice
that he hasn’t grown at all

yesterday they gave him
a maple leaf for a hat
and ferns for shoes

like a pitiable summer version
of a snowman

and they hug him so gently
every time we pass him
leaning way down
and telling him

you’ll be big one day

that as I walked by him today
on my own
and I saw that one
of his flimsy arms
had snapped

I tied it upright
with a piece of grass
and found myself
whispering to him

you’ll be just fine.

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