2021-06-30T16:23:08-07:00June 23rd, 2021|Nature|


Now that I know about Tokitae,
the orca who was captured
as a young whale
and has been living in a prison
they call a pool
in Miami for over 50 years,
I cannot stop thinking
about her mother
who still lives with her pod
in these waters.

When Tokitae was in that net,
thrashing for days
as they prepared to transport her,
they say her mother’s
grief-filled keening
filled the cove.

When we see orcas from the beach,
now I wonder,
is that her?

Does she know that her daughter
still sings her pod’s song?

I know she can’t hear me
but every time I swim,
I dive deep and say the words anyways,
as loud as I can
into the sea:

Please know,
so many people are trying
to bring your baby home.

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