2022-06-17T10:11:40-07:00August 25th, 2016|Parenthood|

When you are a teenager

Will you remember
the road trip
when we sang
Christmas carols
in August?

And that we let you pick
the chocolate chips
out of all the muffins?

Will you remember
that we took
an alternate route
through a suburb
and called it
an adventure?

And the part
on the freeway
when you cried
because you wanted a blanket
so dad took his shirt off
and then sang
even louder?

Will you ever wonder
what was it that your dad
whispered to you
as he carried you asleep
that night
out of the car?

I’ll tell you
because it’s the same
thing he whispered
every time
he carried your body
limbs flopping all over him.

I’m here
my beautiful boy,
I’m here
and I love you.

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