2020-03-30T20:28:03-07:00August 19th, 2016|Parenthood|

The car seat

She had been saying it
for ages

I don’t like the car seat

and we barely heard it
like so many of the complaints
that litter the air
in a family

we soothed
in that robotic
flat-eyed way

sorry my love
you have to be in a car seat

we’d strap her in
and roll down the window
because she likes that

and yesterday
he asked me
if we had any foam

we couldn’t find any
and I kept packing

but the next morning
as we loaded up the car
for our road trip
he asked her

is your car seat
more comfortable now

a smile cracked open her face
and her feet swung with delight

daddy made it better

I put my hand on his cheek
and tried to find the words for
please teach me
how to remember
the person inside
her small

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