2013-01-24T07:18:04-08:00January 24th, 2013|Nature|

Winter in Montreal

The cold makes my lungs burrow
further down my body
as if I am feeding them
an awful thing

there is hardly anyone out
and those brave enough
walk heads down
like oxen
pulling invisible loads

except my friend and I
in our high heels
and no hats

our teeth ache
and our earrings dangle
like swords

we walk as fast as we can
along the ice
like geisha girls
trying not to slip

for some reason
this makes us laugh uncontrollably
as though we are being tickled
by the freezing wind

then suddenly
my friend is gone

on her back
a hump of fancy coat
a splayed black boot

the ice has claimed her
but even from down there
she cannot stop

the tears pour down our cheeks
frozen tracks of mascara

I imagine how mad
this must have made winter
that he couldn’t break us
these fancy girls
standing in the way
of his merciless march.

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