2021-06-04T16:49:39-07:00May 29th, 2021|Musings on life|

Antidote to the pace of change

Everything is changing so fast

like my children stretching upwards
even though I can’t sort out
how it doesn’t tear their skin

and algorithms
and robots
and even the forest floor
that looks at rest
is covered a week later
in tiny plants
jostling for light

and I read today
that when my son is sixty
his world will experience
a year of change
in eleven days

so it is that I keep a shell
in my pocket

the swirly former home
of a sea snail

and I am comforted
by the belief
that when I press it to my ear

as though I have paused everything

I can hear a replay
over and over
of what a slow-moving snail
last heard when he listened
to the sea.

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