2021-06-04T17:33:23-07:00May 28th, 2021|Musings on life|

Not a mass grave

It is not a mass grave
as they are saying on the news,
the bones of hundreds of children
as young as three.

A grave is a place of burial
marked by a stone or mound.

What they found is a pit,
a large and wretched hole,
marked only by the paces
away from the residential school.

When the priests walked it,
carrying another child’s body,
a death that started
as it does with a petal
when you tear it
from its stem

did they count the paces
fifty-six, fifty-seven,

or did they know it off by heart,
a well-worn path
a heinous secret

and as they broke ground again
shovel in hand
did their hearts never
break too.

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