2021-03-19T17:30:18-07:00March 16th, 2021|Musings on life|

Ode to friendship

Thank you for the simplicity of our love
that is huge but uncomplicated.

Thank you for caring about who
and what I care about.

Thank you for giving me space
when I knew I needed it
and advice when I needed it
but didn’t know.

Thank you for promising
that things would get better
and then doing little things
to make it so.

Thank you for tears and laughter
and the comfort of a shared quiet.

Thank you for coaxing out my truth
like it was an alley cat,
nervous but hungry.

Thank you for taking my calls
and my kids.

But mostly, thank you
for the generosity
that is our friendship,
where each other’s joy
triggers only
more joy.

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