2021-03-12T13:01:53-08:00March 15th, 2021|Parenthood|

What the parenting books left out

I’ve read all the popular parenting books
which can be distilled
into two words

“show empathy”

but they left out the part
where your child
is hurting

and suddenly you realize
you’ve empathized too far

like a person running downhill
you can’t stop
feeling his feelings

so you try to find the page in the books
where they teach you
how to tame the boa constrictor
that has taken over
your insides

but you just see
“show empathy”
over and over

until finally you get it

and you whisper to yourself
in your kindest voice:

it’s hard to watch your kid suffer
it’s natural to feel this way
I can’t believe how well you’re holding up
you’re a good mom
and he’ll be okay.

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