2020-09-02T12:32:02-07:00September 4th, 2020|Musings on life|

The rapture of nachos

I was home on my own for a night
and I could have read a novel
or done an online yoga class in my house
wherever and whenever I wanted.
But I didn’t do those things.
I didn’t organize my home office
or my life.
I didn’t go for a walk
or call a friend.
I didn’t know what I would do
until I drove by
on my way home from work.
But then it was clear.
I pulled around and walked to the counter.
Nachos and ice cream.
To go.
I beamed at the woman
like she was a long-lost friend.
She smiled back
and I think she knew
even before I did
that I would spread out
on my living room floor
and eat every last bite,
bliss by bliss.

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