2020-09-02T12:31:20-07:00September 3rd, 2020|Musings on life|

Stop and smell the flowers

The little boy
pulled away from his mother
to smell the flowers.

She slumped in that way
that mothers do
when they realize
they will never
be on time for anything
ever again.

I was late too,
trying to get to two shops
before they closed.

But I stopped.

I smiled at the mother
and walked over to the boy.

“They smell like my grandma,”
he whispered to me.

I inhaled deeply.

“They smell like my grandma too,”
I whispered back,
and it was true.

He ran over to his mother,
who was on her phone.

I yelled “thank you”
as they walked away,
but only the boy looked back,
waving and waving at me,
until they turned the corner,
which is when I leaned over
to smell them again.

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