2020-03-24T22:24:27-07:00March 2nd, 2020|Musings on life|

Waiting on the tracks

She comes downstairs
with one foot in a Lego box

I’m a robot

she says to me in a robot voice

but it’s the gap between her front teeth
that I am looking at
when my husband tells me our friend’s mom
has six months to live

the edge of life coming at her
like a train barreling down
and she can do nothing now but wait
on the tracks

I am still staring
at my daughter’s smooth little face
and the gap in her smile

it looks like a tunnel
and I want to tell our friend’s mom
I have found a secret place for her to hide
a hole in this awful plan
where she can stand to the side
and the train
will pass right by.

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