2016-01-19T01:29:02-08:00January 19th, 2016|Parenthood|

Five hours in a row

I wouldn’t have traded it
for money
or a day at the spa

five hours
in a row
in daylight
in my house
in silence

not puttering
or cleaning up

not even reading
a novel

but the glorious
of thinking
about big things
that need a steady gaze

about important things
that need a tunnel
dug out
to reach them

not my marriage
or my kids
or a new plan
to exercise

just the marvelous
puzzle of my work
all mapped out
on big pieces
of paper
that felt to me
like art

and when she woke up
from her nap
I wasn’t done
but my mind
was tired
in a good way
like a dog
that had finally
been let out
to run

I couldn’t have guessed
before kids
how good that would feel

and I’m always happy to see her
but I swear
this time
there was more
of me there.

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