2016-01-20T22:18:19-08:00January 20th, 2016|Parenthood|

Raisins in my wallet

There is a rocket ship
made of toilet paper rolls
on our mantelpiece
and crayons lined up
like soldiers
that I’m forbidden to move
inside my favourite shoes

there are raisins
in my wallet
and you used my lipgloss
this morning as glue

our car is a compost
and I haven’t slept
through the night
in years

but I am not thinking about this
over coffee with a friend
I haven’t seen since before
you colonized
my life

I am remembering how casual
time was back then
how easy it was
to waste an hour
how rich I was
in minutes

and then suddenly
as if an alarm went off
I realize I should wrap up
our chat
but he does it first

a quick hug
and then we head back
to conducting the orchestras
of our busy lives

I get home
and you both
climb onto my lap

you show me
a paper scribbled in blue
and you say
with a happy confidence

I drew you
five cats, mama

and your brother
who is sick
tries to make me laugh
because we decided
last month
that laughing
was a family value

Jabba the Hutt’s
is Fatty the Hutt

which really does
make me laugh

and I haven’t even taken
off my coat
when I realize
with a knot of gratitude
that my heart
will never
be tidy

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