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Buy more money

I try to wash her face
but there are no wash cloths

and when I find one
she shrieks
because she’s using them all
as blankets
for her bath toys

I ask politely
and she responds
with an order

buy more washcloths

I explain that
we don’t just
buy more stuff
and that things cost money

she thinks about this
for a moment
and then orders me to

buy more money

which makes me
feel like I have ruined
her character

and I try to recall
that funny author
who writes wise books
for parents

but all I remember
is something about being
responsible to our kids
not for them
which makes me
feel worse

I look despairingly
at my two-year-old
as I solemnly plan
our next month
of austerities

and then she yells happily
wake up ev-ee-body

and swipes all the toys
into the bath
that had been “sleeping”
in a row
under our washcloths
on the side of the tub

she hands me the washcloths
and says proudly

I buy them
for you, mama

and I suddenly remember
the part in that book
where she says
don’t give them everything
they ask for but
also remember
fruit spoils when you
forget about it
not when you love it
too much.

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