2015-01-03T22:51:55-08:00January 3rd, 2015|Parenthood|

The tangled earth

You shuffle around the house
in your boots and coat
even eating like that
all bundled up
in your high chair
bits of porridge stuck
to your hood

you bring us your socks
your mittens
your hat
balanced on the top
of your head

or sometimes your dad’s hat
which covers your eyes
and makes us all laugh

we thought you just liked
to dress up
until you began
standing at the door

you want out
you want down
you want to rub your stare
into the tangled earth
making sense and delight of it all

and so this morning
as you bring us your coat again
and we say
as we always do

in a little while, sweet pea
we have to eat first

you must wonder
as we would
if there was a million dollars
sitting outside our door
what could possibly
hold us back.

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