2015-01-02T15:59:08-08:00January 2nd, 2015|Parenthood|

How I know I am an optimist

I know I am an optimist
because I am always pleased
when the house is tidy
surveying it
like the conqueror
of somebody else’s land

and I believe it will stay that way
that I am not Sisyphus
that the boulder
will not fall again

and when your dad sings from downstairs

there’s somethin’ dead or dyin’
in our fridge

in his best Neil Young voice
I know that I will simply hunt down the soft lump
throw it away
and we will never waste food again

and when your sister
takes all the clothes off the hangers
while I am folding laundry
and you yell

it’s a emergency

because you meant to print
one copy of the Snow White picture
but for some reason it printed 60 copies
and we can’t get it to stop

I just lay down on the floor
and let the rhythm of the printer
soothe me
like a heartbeat

I know
it will be different

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