2015-01-04T16:26:42-08:00January 4th, 2015|Parenthood|

The Santa card

We’ve taken down the wreath
and the Christmas lights
but I can’t stop using it

the Santa card

for all my resistance
to a religion
about a judge in the sky

I am like a preacher
about the other bearded guy
we never get to see
and his list of naughty and nice

he’s always watching you

I say several times a day
and your dad looks at me
like he’s wondering when
a horrible person swallowed me

I tell you that it doesn’t count
if you’re nice
just to get presents
but if I’m honest I really like it when you’re nice
so I don’t pry
which is what made me cry a little
when you gave your sister
a gentle kiss on her head

when you didn’t know I was watching
looking up to the sky afterwards
to say

Santa I hope
you wrote down
that I just did that
for love.

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