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The meat section

We’re at the grocery store
and you point to the meat section

what animal is that, mama

it’s been a long time
since I ate meat
but I can tell it’s a cow

but cows aren’t pink

you say this quite loud
and for some reason
I feel the need to whisper
the part about the blood
and then I smile
at the man beside me
who buys the lamb
and doesn’t smile back

you ask me what he bought
so I tell you
and you want to know
which one is the chicken
and do they sell roosters too
and where are the pigs

so we look at all of it
up close
under plastic skin
and your chin
starts to quiver

what if these are mamas
and their babies miss them

but suddenly
your face brightens

they probably
die the families at the same time
so they stay together
in the store

I say
you are probably right
and we finish our shop
holding hands.

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