2014-11-22T12:52:42-08:00November 22nd, 2014|Parenthood|

Allergic to shy

You’re wearing a black wig
and a piece of felt around your head
as a witch hat

you had big plans to dress up
for our trip to the library

to show the librarian
that you were pretending to be
the character in the book

but then you realized
that everyone would see you
and you say

I’m allergic to shy

I laugh
which makes you stomp
and throw the shoe horn
you were using as a wand

so I apologize
right into your ribs
which I tell you
is a shortcut
to your heart

and I ask you
where you learned
about being allergic

you remember mama
at the aquarium
that girl told us
she was allergic
to selfish.

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