2021-05-18T12:41:20-07:00May 11th, 2021|Parenthood|

The many kinds of mother I am

I am not a helicopter
though I am nosy,
wanting him to do it on his own
but then leaning into him later
like a reporter.

I am pushy and positive,
as I imagine it might feel
to be mothered
by Tony Robbins.

I am mostly kind
and sometimes exhausted
and funnier on the weekends.

I have lots of ideas about parenting
but I am often unsure
which is the best one to use,
like they are seasonings
and I am still learning to cook.

But today I was clear.

I was a bear,
just like the kind
they warn you about
on the trail.

There are times to let your child fend,
and there are times to defend him.

I didn’t need to wonder this time,
it just happened,
I was reunited with my wildness,
that fearless animal inside me,
ten feet tall
who knew without a doubt
she was fierce enough
to protect
her cub.

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