2013-05-01T09:19:02-07:00May 1st, 2013|Parenthood|


You believe everything has a home
like the itsy bitsy spider
who lives behind my ear
(though I try not to think about it)

and your pee
which you told me yesterday
gets flushed home
where it opens the door
and makes pasta for all its friends

which is why
when you asked me
about the man who sleeps
by the Safeway
and I told you he doesn’t
have a home
you looked so serious

but where is his mama

I wondered if the man
asks himself
the same question

but before I could think
of what to say
you pointed out
a car just like Grandpa’s

and it wasn’t until later
just before bed
that you asked me
if I thought that man
would fit inside the fort
you just made
of pillows.

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