2013-04-30T14:58:52-07:00April 30th, 2013|Parenthood|


The year I went to Sunday School
because they gave out chocolate bars
a girl told me that clouds
were God’s thoughts floating in the sky

and since nobody had told me
about condensed water vapour
it sounded reasonable to me

so I spent hours
staring upwards
wondering why God
was thinking about rabbits
or monsters
with gauzy claws

and one clear blue day
I worried God
was giving us the silent treatment
or maybe he had fallen
into a coma

which makes me wonder
about the whimsy
in the answers
I paste to my son’s mind

I have told him the wind
blows secrets
but maybe the magic
is in the wind itself

the way the sun
heats our planet’s lumpy bones
in different ways
making the invisible rise
spin and blow.

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