2012-11-28T16:05:21-08:00November 28th, 2012|Musings on life|

A day in the life of a multi-tasker

I have eaten too fast again
the stir fry sits in my stomach
like a wet t-shirt

I have not peed since breakfast
I forget to blink

I turn the faucet off with my toe
and put the milk in the garbage
by mistake

I feed my son cashews
while I hand out cards to the gallery owners
who show up unannounced

and in a stolen moment in between
I make time to floss
a tiny rebellion
because I’m later than I thought
but I do it slowly
relishing the orderliness of the task
the dome of solitude
the little payoffs of toast and old kale
nothing else to do
but hum.

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