2012-07-08T00:00:53-07:00July 8th, 2012|Musings on life|

High school reunion

Crowded parade of fleshy memories
a strange feeling like it was yesterday
we all wobbled home from the prom
and also that I was never there at all
but the photos betray me
baggy clothes and big eyebrows
such a squishy face.

I make the rounds
the girl from my creative writing class
the girl who introduced me to brie
the guy who once told me I would be prettier
if I had more of a chin.

I hug them all
and I mean it
surprised to be so grateful
that statistically speaking
so few of them are dead

but what I really want to ask
is what they want too

what do you remember about me
tell me who I was to you
when I had that soft young face

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