2012-06-08T00:00:47-07:00June 8th, 2012|Musings on life|

Muffins and other red herrings

If you walked in on her tonight
you might think she often bakes muffins
how could you know
she had to buy all the ingredients
except raisins
and that she only made them
because she wanted batter
for dessert.

Yesterday you saw her pushing her son on the swing
she kept yawning
and you wondered if she was
the exhausted kind
of mother.

Or maybe you were in one of the cars
that drove by her this morning
you saw the high heels
the briefcase
did she intimidate you
or could you tell
she was late
because her son spilled pudding
on her first outfit.

She would set you straight
if she could
but identity is a funny thing
she’s in a play
and she has all the parts
even the role of audience
as she changes costumes
half experimenting
half trying to please.

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