2012-02-28T00:05:30-08:00February 28th, 2012|Relationships|

The ones that didn’t know about me

They finally died
and though they were strangers to me
they were also grandparents

the ones that didn’t know about me

as if this is a soap opera
and not my orderly life

and because their genes
are stitched into my broad shoulders
and my overbite

everyone expects that it should matter
that blood
is all it takes to make people

but don’t you want to know what they’re like

no more than that fellow
reading the paper

which is to say
a bit

but now they are gone
sunk into the words people use
for the unreachable

I worried I would feel regret
not having met them
but this now strikes me as absurd
like pouting because there is an ocean
in your way

their death was a gift
the quiet erasing of a choice
I could never make.

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