2012-02-29T00:05:24-08:00February 29th, 2012|Parenthood|

This is not how our story ends

They arrive in their dark blue uniforms
and they all seem tall
though I suspect they are actually of average height
but I need heroes
at this moment

this thick floating moment

so I decide these are the smartest
in town

and I say over and over

he’s going to be ok

and it is not a question
I am saying what I know to be true
there is no room between my bones and my blood
for any other outcome

but what I am really saying is

this is not how our story ends

don’t you see
little goose
stop that shaking
there is an afternoon
many years from now
and I am telling you the story
of that time you went pale
and we lay you down on the floor
and begged.

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