2011-12-23T22:53:31-08:00December 23rd, 2011|Nature|

December in Vancouver

The grey sky appears stalled
one giant cloud
as though even the wind
is no match
for this waterlogged day.

They say it will be like this
for a week
or more
everyone is grumbling about it
taking it personally
as though the rain
should know
when it’s not wanted.

Secretly I love this weather
stretches of mucky dull days
the sun promising to keep
her spotlight dim

it’s the animation of summer
that makes me anxious
the urgency to enjoy it
because it won’t last.

I watch as the grey turns to black
the afternoon looks like night up here
erasing the shapes of the world

I make tea
my thoughts untethered
there is no rush
plenty of time
to dream up
who I could be.

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