2021-05-17T18:15:33-07:00March 6th, 2021|Musings on life|

Puppets in a pandemic

He saw the closing down sign
and she told him that it’s hard
to sell puppets in a pandemic
when there are no tourists

and since everything was half price
he looked at all the puppets left,
wanting to love one

wanting to use his spending money
to make it better for her,
this older woman who looked so sad
on the last day in the shop
she’d had for over thirty years
surrounded now by the quiet remains
of a few hollowed out characters
mounted on wooden sticks

and in the end
he couldn’t decide on a puppet
so he just gave her his spending money
and told her it was a donation
so she could open an online store

and I wasn’t there for that moment
but he told me later
that she laughed
and cried
at the exact
same time.

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