2022-06-01T14:14:35-07:00March 5th, 2021|Parenthood|

A rolling claim on new motherhood

You’re only given the title
“new mother”
for a few months

which is absurd
because even though
you now have a baby
you’ve never had a toddler before,
which is when you will feel new
all over again.

Just as now
I’m a new mother again
as I find my way
for the first time
with a tween

and so it goes,
the constant foraging of parenthood
into new terrains

which is why this year
on my birthday
I bought my mom
a “new mother” greeting card

since I am her only child
it’s my nod to her road ahead
of parenting a strong-willed
forty-seven-year-old woman
for the very first time.

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