2021-01-29T12:22:49-08:00January 26th, 2021|Parenthood|

Why I get credit as a good mom

I set my alarm early
to find a font on my computer
that looks whimsical
and not like my handwriting

and clip art of a fairy too
who I name Sunny
since my daughter asked
to know her tooth fairy’s name.

I tape a coin to the printed note
and I tuck it under her pillow
and I make their lunches
and I send a few work emails
and I slip out of the house
before the sun comes up.

But that’s not why
I get credit as a good mom.

I’m a good mom
because when she called me,
devastated that the tooth fairy
hadn’t given her “infinity powers”
even though she had asked for them

I found a thin edge of calm
to balance upon
as I listened to all the reasons
her tooth fairy
will definitely lose
her job.

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