2021-01-15T19:14:48-05:00January 12th, 2021|Musings on life|

The other side

I am ninety-four.
My body trembles
as the ideas inside me
jostle to get out,
to stay behind,
to be remembered.
But I am not afraid.
My skin is thin
like outer space.
Didn’t they tell you,
we are all rockets?
And mine has picked up speed.
I am up so high now,
look at my eyes water,
I am moving so fast.
Don’t pity me,
it’s magnificent.
Take my hand.
Watch me cross over.
Hold your breath with me
like we did when we drove
through tunnels,
making a wish
when we got to the other side.
I wish for you to know
you are enough.
But you don’t need
to make a wish for me.
I have safely landed.

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