2021-01-01T16:50:40-08:00January 4th, 2021|Nature|

The gift of winter rain

We are in a season so wet
even our imaginations
have forgotten what it feels like
to be dry.

The ground is a sponge
sucking at our boots,

and our shoulders have crept up,
as though the water will spare us
if we are stiff.

But as I walk through the forest
I stop for a moment
to appreciate how the rain
has made new paths in the earth
and how there are suddenly
a million shades of green.

I take my hood off
and I let my shoulders drop.

I’ve lived here for so long
and yet I’ve never taken the rain up
on its offer to do the same to me.

When I get home,
my family sees how wet I am
but it takes them days to notice
that my mind has carved new patterns
and how I carry
a million fresh shades
of hope.

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