2020-12-11T18:00:04-08:00December 10th, 2020|Parenthood|

A manifesto for working mothers

I am not wrong,
I am strong.

I am my own dream
happening in real life.

Watch me feed my baby
and my ambition
at the same time.

I can pour my heart out,
and there is still love
left over.

The magic trick is knowing
who I am.

I am talent
I am trying
I am enough.

I am a working mother.

You said I couldn’t have it all,
but you forgot
that I grew human beings
inside me.

You can keep your guilt.
I don’t need it.

I am busy being the earth
underneath my children,
and also a star
shining so bright
they can see
when it is their turn,
they do not have to choose
between a bold
and tender

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