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A thesis on my love for you

My love for you is like the essays
I had to write in university;
it started with a topic sentence:

seems like a funny, loyal, kind man.

As we stack the days of our relationship,
almost six thousand of them,
I can prove my thesis
with excellent supporting points
like the way you took the kids
for a walk in the rain today,
without coats,
because getting wet
was the point.

And how you do the dishes every night
but always leave a fork or a spoon in the sink
like an offering to some housekeeping god,
or maybe to reassure yourself
there will be a tomorrow
at all.

And the way you pace
when you’re on the phone,
and how I can never tell
who you’re on the phone with,
whether it’s your best friend or BC Hydro,
because you are loud and ridiculous
with everyone.

I don’t have the conclusion yet,
but if I had to hand the paper in now,
I would finish it like this:

how lucky
that I guessed

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