2021-10-14T13:19:07-07:00November 6th, 2020|Musings on life|

The louder version of gratitude

My friend’s family doctor died
and it wasn’t just that she was too young
that made her sad
but that she felt she didn’t say
thank you enough

which makes me think
about all the focus on gratitude
and trying to see our lives
pass through a prism
of thankfulness

for it is solitary,
this act of noticing,
this quiet fattening up
of the heart

and I wonder if we have forgotten
to practice appreciation instead,
the louder version of gratitude,
the messier one that requires
us to give a little
of our heart to another

to say it out loud

the choice between painting
the small and precious moments of your life
onto one canvas,

or thousands more,
hung in the galleries
of all the people
you took the time
to say thank you to
for being
so kind.

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