2022-03-09T09:38:36-08:00November 2nd, 2020|Musings on life|

Bits of quantum fluff dreams

A smart friend sent me an article
about quantum physics
and the idea that our reality
is a simulation.

It made my brain hurt
and wonder at the way the minds
of computer scientists and physicists
bandy around these concepts
like weight lifters
tossing barbells.

But I read it twice
and managed to wedge Moore’s Law
into the compartment of things I now know,
and I tried to fit holograms
and Schrödinger’s Cat too,
but my head became like a suitcase
packed too tight
whose seams
threatened to burst.

So I made myself a cup of tea
and wondered could we really be
the entertainment
for another civilization?

At first, it made my insides flop,
like that time I found out
my boyfriend
was seeing another girl.

And then suddenly,
just as Einstein promised,
a part of me flickered
somewhere between my brain
and my heart,
and I remembered what he said:

imagination is everything.

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