2020-09-21T13:09:53-07:00September 19th, 2020|Musings on life|

You are safe

I didn’t know why they were gathered
until I heard her voice
as I walked by,

he’s lying, he’s lying

the panicky sobs and pleas
of a young girl
and I somehow knew
as we all did
that she was unsafe

up in her balcony
and a man trying to make her quiet
pulling her into the apartment
and telling us there is nothing wrong
but then she runs out again
yelling down at us

he’s lying, he’s lying

we are all below
and we hear her
and we know
that she is unsafe

we move as one
all of us strangers

the men who enter her apartment
and bring her down
and the women
who soothe her

I hear one of them say

you’re safe now

and the police have arrived
and they are calm and kind
and I want to believe
that they are right

that she is safe

because I will never forget
the fear and courage
that clogged her cries

but just in case
I keep chalk in my car
and every time I grocery shop
since it is near her apartment building
I draw hearts for her
on the sidewalk below
her balcony

and what I want to write is

you are safe

I just wish
I knew for sure.

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