2020-09-13T21:07:18-07:00September 13th, 2020|Nature|

Moth infestation

If they were butterflies,
we would be singing of miracles
and skies awake with rainbows.

But this is a moth infestation,
the air filled with papery nervousness,
a beige sheet of flying worms
silently slamming
their fragile bodies
by the millions
into the light.

It is as though autumn leaves,
raked into piles,
suddenly grew legs
and began to fly about.

I try to see them
the way my daughter does,
naming each one,
building them elaborate mansions
out of sticks.

But all I can bring myself to do
is turn out all the lights
and try to forget
that they are stuck to my windows,
try not to wonder
if their eyes see me,
and what they are thinking
inside each twitchy tiny life.

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