2020-08-23T23:28:16-07:00August 21st, 2020|Nature|

The Asian giant hornet

I know there are tigers and pythons
and too many spiders to count
but I draw the line
at the Asian giant hornet,
which has recently migrated nearby.
They’re as big as hummingbirds
with a nest underground
and the only way to outrun them
if you are out for a stroll
thinking about uneventful things like lunch
and you accidentally step
on their underground world
is to dive into bushes
so they can’t see you anymore,
which I am as unlikely to do
as remember to play dead for a shark or a bear.
And I don’t mean to deprive
nature or God or both
from what must be a fun exercise
in inventing exciting things
but I’d just like to draw their attention
to the legitimate awe
stirred up
by rainbows.

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