2020-08-07T12:37:31-07:00August 5th, 2020|Nature|

The same seal

There is no way to prove
that it is the same seal
who greets us at the dock
every time we return
in the water taxi.

There are surely lots of seals
that look, as my daughter says,
like a cross between a dog
and a banana slug.

Surely lots of seals
spotted just like the stones
that my kids retrieve
from the rocky floor
of the sea.

Except that we know
it is the same seal,
and he knows us too,
swimming along beside the boat
and poking his head up
as we stand on the dock,
his black button eyes
wet and familiar and bright.

Each time is one more moment
added like a bead to an abacus,
a quiet equation
that only we understand,
a beautiful relationship built
without sound.

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