2020-07-15T19:24:07-07:00July 17th, 2020|Nature|

Masked bandits

They must have heard us call them
masked bandits
and liked the sound of it.

I try to tell the raccoons
who lurk near our cabin
that the black fur around their eyes
is to reduce glare
but they just look at me
with a snarl.

They know they’re not bears,
the kingpin gangsters
of the forest.

Or cougars,
those hitmen who skulk around alone.

So they have settled into this persona
of small-town thugs,
gangs of intimidating prowlers,
a life of petty crime.

But we did this to them.

We paved over their trees
and then we cast them in a role
they’ve been rehearsing
ever since.

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