2020-06-22T14:49:49-04:00June 12th, 2020|Parenthood|

Mama, can I swear?

You are so mad
you are puffy
like a swollen bag of emotion
like a hot balloon of skin
about to pop.

You are not moving
but I can almost hear
your blood gushing
faster than normal

your heart
your neck.

You slowly ask me,
mama, can I swear?

I nod solemnly
and we walk into the garage
where you take a deep breath

and then you throw
the forbidden sounds
loud into the air
gnashing the dangerous words
with your tongue and teeth

until finally your face
is a normal colour again
and your hands are loose.

We lock the garage
behind us
holding hands,
both of us trying not to smile
and we don’t look back
even once.