2020-04-11T17:07:32-07:00April 13th, 2020|Relationships|

A relationship is like an iceberg

When you are first dating you are on the tip
and the entire thing feels sparkly and straightforward
with the exhilarating promise of depth

and then you move in together
which is exciting because you merge your dreams
as you submerge together into big conversations
below the surface
like money and dishes and sex

perhaps you marry then
or you cut straight to kids
and suddenly you are so deep
it can be hard to see the light
but don’t panic
because you have everything you need
if you remember to breathe

your eyes will adjust to new colours down there
you will stop wishing for the old ones and if you are lucky
you will be one of the rare ones who hold hands
all the way to the bottom where your iceberg began

and you will tell your children’s children
how the quiet down there
is the deepest and most beautiful love
they could ever hope to know.

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