2020-04-11T19:10:35-07:00April 12th, 2020|Parenthood|


She asks why the Easter Bunny is not a chicken
which is the same question she asked last year
and I kick myself for not remembering my answer

so I make my eyes really wide
like my husband says I do
when I’m telling “magic lies”

and then later her friend on FaceTime
tells her about Jesus
and that it’s technically possible
that people with coronavirus
can come back from the dead too
which is when she looks at me with the expectant face
of someone about to Google a question

so mama can the Easter Bunny actually lay eggs
and can people actually come back from the dead

and I’m not sure if my eyes are wide or not
when I hand over the bunny ears
I got at the drugstore
when I was buying disinfectant wipes
but as she hops away I know that this year
I needed the magic as much as her.

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