2022-07-08T08:56:36-07:00March 28th, 2020|Relationships|

Ten hugs a day

My husband and I haven’t spent this much time together
since we backpacked around India
before the kids were born.

But this moment in time has none
of the careless wandering of that trip.

If you observed us from way up high
we might be mistaken for a large kind of ant,
darting and carrying and checking in briefly
before moving on efficiently to the next crumb.

So when my husband surprised me at dinner
by announcing a goal for us to hug ten times a day
and he named our daughter Captain of Hugs,
her job to record each hug with a careful checkmark
and remind us both if we were falling short,
I decided it probably broke a world record for most romantic things

and later it made me wonder if those ants
aren’t sneaking in kisses
more often than we think.

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