2020-02-29T16:35:58-08:00February 29th, 2020|Parenthood|

When I was this age

She is fascinated by the book I made her
of photos from when she was little

she flips through it constantly
following me around the house
pointing to them one by one

when I was this age
did I like carrots
and when I was this age
could I sit up on my own
and when I was this age
did you used to carry me everywhere

I desperately want to lie on the couch
and have everybody go out for an hour
or at least forget I am here

so when she asks me the next time
I tell her that when she was two
she loved pretending to sleep for hours
a position she immediately assumes
on the floor beside me

and I lie back on the couch
my guilt seeming to know
that now is no time
to get in the way
of this bliss.

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