2020-03-25T12:00:15-04:00February 15th, 2020|Creativity|

Out of the quiet

I can never get the Bluetooth speaker to work
and it was a present from him
so I try not to grumble

even though I secretly glare at it
every time I walk by

but today I had enough
and decided it was time
to fill the house with music

I press the same button over and over
and call the speaker names
in my slow voice
that sounds calm
but isn’t

I yell at the kids
to be quiet so I can concentrate

but we’re making up songs, mama

I look up at them
dancing in the living room
dressed in clothes they dug out
of the summer bin

and I suddenly remember the winter day
my friend’s mom taught me
to cut back a rose bush

music is like that
finding a way
out of the quiet
to bloom.